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Frederick Zarndt
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WRITING: Frederick has written a number of articles on varied subjects that have been published in periodicals in India and the U.S. The article titles will link you to the full article.



How Do You Make Tiger Soup? A sense of humor is an important trait, one that I look for whenever I hire a software engineer or when I myself look at a new company. Why? It seems intuitively obvious to me and even though William Shakespeare also thinks it is characteristic of a wise man, I had never critically examined the reasons behind my proclivity for humor. Over the past several weeks I’ve looked at humor, laughter, creativity, and work. Here’s what I found...

Introducing Cowboy Montana Let me introduce myself: I am, in the words of one B&E editor, an “American white guy” and an erstwhile Montana cowboy, whose parents grew up speaking German on the plains of North Dakota USA (they have in the meantime forgotten German and learned English) and who, when I was a youngster, moved to the wilds of Montana where for 8 years I was educated in a one room school with no plumbing and very cold winters... Published in the 18 November - 1 December 2005 issue of Business & Economy.